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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Spirit Hunters Germany®

Meet the team

Founder and Lead Investigator

My name is Anke (Ana) and I’m fascinated by the paranormal since personal experiences in my childhood and I started investigating in 1998. I’ve experienced a lot which I still can’t explain. I know there are so many things waiting for me and I often receive messages from the beyond. I’m looking for answers and work with high diligence, an open mind, skepticism and scientific interest. I’m trying to find rational explanations and debunk, before assuming paranormal activity.

My tasks and qualifications:

  • Lead investigator
  • EVP Analysis, evaluation and paranormal profiling
  • Customer support and public relations
  • Social media management  and international correspondence
  • Parapsychology diploma, Biblical Demonology diploma
  • Member of the Society for Psychical Research S.P.R

Investigator and Research

My name is Christa and I joined the team because of my daughter Anke. I truly believe in the existence of life after death, because I also experienced a lot. After my father passed away in 1986, I always wanted to believe what happened and why I kept seeing him. I joined this team due to my experiences and I’m still intrigued by the things we discovered until now. I love to watch american tv shows because I love the similarities between their work and our work.

My tasks:

  • Paranormal investigations
  • Paranormal profiling
  • Evaluation
  • Camera and photos
  • Research
  • Correspondence with locations


Investigator and EVP Analysis

I had my first personal experience when I was 9 years old and it caught me. I knew, it was my task to find answers to fight the fear I had, according to my encounter. I watched Ghost Hunters one day and I really liked Grant Wilson because he inspired me in my work. I also work with high diligence and try to find natural causes first. But I still can’t explain some things.

My tasks:

  • Paranormal investigations
  • Paranormal profiling
  • Evaluation
  • EVP Analysis
  • Camera and photos

Investigator and Skeptic

My name is Alexander (Lex). I love unexplainable stuff since I was a child, especially UFO reportings and science fiction. It was my wife Anke who showed my the paranormal field and I believe, that there is a lot more between heaven and earth which we can’t explain. I’m a skeptic and I love to debunk everything lol, but I’m sure that the things we caught can’t be explained rationally.

My tasks:

  • Paranormale investigations
  • Paranormal profiling
  • skeptical evaluation
  • Second video camera



Hello my name is Andrea and I’m Anke’s big sister. I was always faszinated by unexplainable things and I’ve also experienced crazy things, I can’t explain. Since my best friend had passed, I experienced more and more and I wanted to find out, what it was caused by.

My tasks:

  • Paranormal Profiling