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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Spirit Hunters Germany®


What are we doing?

It’s our main task to investigate paranormal phenomena, no matter if we investigate a public location or a private household. We are no “ghosthunters” although our name contains the term “hunters”. We don’t hunt spirits, we communicate with them. We usually investigate on a scientific basis and it’s our goal to rule out rational causes. We can’t always explain things like emotions, feelings or audible phenomena because our devices won’t help us in these cases. We also have to use our senses. Nevertheless, we don’t provide psychic services. We won’t enter a location without proper permission and private cases will remain anonymous. It’s important to protect our clients and take them seriously, because we all have experienced unexplainable things in the past.

How much does it cost?

Our commitment is free of charge and doesn’t cost a single penny! We know that there are many rogue colleagues out there but professional teams won’t charge you for their services. Our service helps us with our research and the development of methods for paranormal investigations.

How do you contact us?

You can contact us via contact form, email, mobile phone or social media. Our leader Anke Carver will get in touch with you for the first briefing. The first briefing is very individual and we prefer to communicate via phone. In the first briefing, we talk about our work, what we do and will also give advice how to deal with the phenomena in your homes.

How do we get ready for investigation?

A good preparition is so important because it’s hard to correct mistakes afterwards. We try to get as many information as possible beforehand. Not every home is haunted and we want to make sure, that we are safe when we enter the location. We’re looking for information about the persons, locations, history itself and possible haunting reports.

Before we investigate in the darkness, we will visit the location during the day to check for dangerous spots to make them safe for us. We also want to get a “feeling” for the location. We call this process “Paranormal Profiling”.

We will check the location for power lines and any kind of devices, which could influence our EMF meters and other items.

What happens during an investigation?

After we visited the location and located the “HotSpots”, we will place our equipment at the right places. We prefer to operate in the darkness to avoid interfering lights, noises and persons. Hauntings do not depend on the time, it’s just a bit more quiet at night. Every investigation is a special event because every location is different. We can’t use equipment on outdoor locations, which is very sensitive to moisture etc. Please note: We do not investigate locations when children under 18 are present. Please make sure that the kids will stay at home with a person, who can take care of them. You’re welcome to join us anytime to learn about our work and methods. After the investigation, we will send you a first report including the highlights and we will start reviewing as soon as we are back home.

How long does the evaluation take?

The evaluation takes approx. 2-4 weeks, according to the amount of material we collected. Sometimes it might take a little longer because we investigate in our leizure time. We all have different full time jobs and the review of the evidence can only be done in leizure time. We will always keep in touch with you as soon as we discover something strange.

What will be published?

We will publish videos, voice recordings and pictures of our investigations. If we investigate a private household and you don’t want us to publish anything, we won’t publish it. It’s important to make our clients feel comfortable.