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09/16/2017 Residential Case near Braunschweig

A family asked us for help because they’ve reported, that their little son seemed to be very scared. The boy mentioned shadow figures and a “green master” in his room and he kept seeing fire in the corner of his bedroom. On September 16,2017, Andrea, Christa and I (Anke) visited the family to help them and to try to find answers. The family told us, that many strange things occured like tv and radio turning on itself, the doorbell is ringing at night sometimes, fire detectors turning on without smoke, cold spots, chairs being pulled away while sitting on them, footsteps on the stairs and blurry images on camera.

I was talking to the family on the phone two days earlier and I received the name “Alfred”, saw a man in a black suit with a golden pocket watch and a black dog. I didn’t know that time, what to do with these informations.

Right after we entered the house, we felt a strange energy surrounding us and we had various cold spots.  We felt watched all the time and “somebody” seemed to follow us with every step we made. After we sat down in the living room for a short briefing, it was very cold but we felt like burning a few minutes later. The mother showed me a picture of the staircase and although I’m a skeptic due to pareidolia, I really saw a black dog in the picture. We heard movement and footsteps on the stairs. We started in the kids room, where the little boy reported the shadowman and the green master. We used EMF meters, voice recorders, a nightvision cam and the parascope. Nothing really happened but we smelled a very faint scent of fire. I kept asking for the person in the corner, who was mentioned as a green master and I asked if his name was Alfred. Right after my question we heard loud footsteps on the stairs, coldness rushed by and the parascope lit up. I asked him, if he was the green master, he should move the parascope towards me in a clockwise direction and “he” did. I asked him if he was a soldier and he also confirmed it. It was wonderful.

During the investigation we had several encounters, we were touched and the cold spots followed us. We found out, that the green master could also be a huntsman with a black dog. Historical documentations said, that the house was destroyed by fire twice and we had the feeling, that the green master wanted to protect the child from the fire and that the shadowfigure was a victim who did in the fire.

We will try to find out more and we will return on day. Massive thanks to this wonderful family and their hospitality.


Written by Anke Carver

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  1. M,A,J,F,D,N 09/27/2017 at 12:10 PM

    Huhu vielen vielen Dank nochmal,zumindest sind wir uns zu 100% sicher,das wir uns es nicht Eingebildet haben,ihr wart /seit ein Super Team!VIELEN VIELEN DANK das ihr uns geholfen habt und den weiten Weg auf euch genommen habt um Extra zu uns zukommen,Ihr habt uns sehr geholfen!Freuen uns defenitiv auf ein Wiedersehen.Liebe Grüße aus der Nähe Braunschweig

    • Anke Carver 09/27/2017 at 12:13 PM

      Gern geschehen, wir sind froh, dass wir Euch hier helfen konnten und freuen uns schon, Euch wieder zu besuchen. Ihr seid eine richtig tolle Familie 🙂

  2. Christa 09/27/2017 at 4:31 PM

    Hallo, wir waren gerne bei Euch und freuen uns daß wir euch einige Fragen beantworten konnten. Auch ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen.

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