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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Spirit Hunters Germany®


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We all know this feeling of being watched and hearing voices and strange sounds although nobody else is present, right? We all know it and sometimes we can’t explain, what ‘s going on, especially when things are very strange like voices, noises, footsteps, seeing shadows out of the corner of our eyes etc.

We, the Spirit Hunters Germany® have a special task: We explore and investigate paranormal phenomena. We collect evidence and results with several devices and evaluate our results with skepticism. We always try to find rational explanations before assuming paranormal activity.

We are located in the area of Karlsruhe and we operate nationwide in Germany. We investigate public locations and private households. Our commitment is free of charge and we are very discreet about your requests.

If you’ve experienced something strange in your home or you think your house is haunted, feel free to contact us, we want to help you. We’re also interested in public locations with an interesting history. Please read this article about our way of work.

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